Badges! we got lotsa stinkin' badges in this list.

Badge No. Character Where From
1Investigator John St. JohnTV series "Jigsaw John"
1Alexander WaverlyTV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
2 & 12Agent Ilya KuryakinTV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
3 & 11Agent Napoleon SoloTV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
3Egbert SouseMovie "The Bank Dick"
7Agent FarrellTV series "The Man from U.N.C.L.E."
14Detective Mark SaberTV series "Mark Saber"
17Private Eye Oliver HardyMovie "The Bullfighters"
22Inspector Nash BridgesTV series "Nash Bridges" 4
25Detective Alex BronkovTV series "Bronk"
26Captain Wade GriffinTV series "Griff"
26Captain Frank X. FurilloTV series "Hill Street Blues" 6
29Officer Stan LaurelMovie "The Midnight Patrol"
79Fearless FlanaganMovie "By the Light of the Silvery Moon"
82Officer Oliver HardyMovie "The Midnight Patrol"
99Lieutenant Stoney HuffTV series "Nashville 99"
99Officer JoeMovie "One Mile from Heaven"
106Officer MulliganMovie "Dead End"
115Officer RodriguezMovie "Gang Related"
115 & 141Sergeant T.J. HookerTV series "T.J. Hooker"
147Officer Joe ForresterTV series "Joe Forrester"
150Police Chief Dan MathewsTV series "Highway Patrol"
150Detective David TomaTV series "Toma"
163Sergeant Philip EsterhausTV series "Hill Street Blues"
174Firefighter/Paramedic Roy DeSotoTV series "Emergency"
182Firefighter Terry "Turk" LynchMovie "Turk 182!"
203NYC Transit Cop Jack MannionTV series "The District" 4
260Edward "Duke" LukelaTV series "Hawaii Five-O"
280Officer Stacy SheridanTV series "T.J. Hooker"
300Officer Patricia "Casey" JonesTV series "Decoy"
316Detective Andy SenkowskiTV series "Hawaiian Heat"
322Detective Sara PezziniTV series "Witchblade" 3
330Firefighter/Paramedic John GageTV series "Emergency"
340Detective Mary Beth LaceyTV series "Cagney and Lacey"
346Officer Cody PowellTV series "P.S. I Luv U"4
359Detective Tom DonnellyTV series "Kojak" (Requiem for a Cop)
373Officer Jimmy "Popeye" DoyleMovie "The French Connection"
412Walter NebecherTV series "Automan" 3
415Officer Carl LevittTV series "Barney Miller"
416Captain Adan GreerTV series "Mod Squad"
436 & 416 & 425Lieutenant ColumboTV series "Columbo"
449 & 458Officer Jennifer LoudTV series "MacGruder and Loud"
452Police Constable McGarryTV Series "Camberwick Green"
453Officer Gunther ToodyTV series "Car 54, Where Are You?"
459 & 445Officer Malcolm MacGruderTV series "MacGruder and Loud"
499Officer Zack StoneTV series "Super Force" 3
517Lieutenant Tony CarlsonMovie "Foul Play"
609Detective Anthony "Tony" BarettaTV series "Baretta"
613Officer Frank SmithTV series "Dragnet"
627Lieutenant Theo KojakTV series "Kojak"
696Officer Joe "Kaz" KaczierowskiTV series "Hardball"
714Sergeant Joe FridayTV series "Dragnet"
723Officer Francis MuldoonTV series "Car 54, Where Are You?"
733Detective Jim EllisonTV series "The Sentinal" 3
744Officer Pete MalloyTV series "Adam-12"
763Detective Christine CagneyTV series "Cagney and Lacey"
794Sergeant Dee Dee McCallTV series "Hunter" (2003)4
825Detective Tony ProfaciTV Movie "Law and Order: Exiled"
881Officer Cameron WestlakeTV series "Viper" 3
903Officer Anthony X. RussellMovie "Madigan"
990Detective Andy SipowitzTV series "NYPD Blue"
1062Officer Leo SchnauserTV series "Car 54, Where Are You?"
1149Detective Lenny BriscoeTV series "Law and Order" 1
1810Officer DanMovie "Me and My Gal"
1828Sergeant Dick FayMovie "Disorderly Conduct"
2140 & B-600CHP Officer Francis PoncherelloTV series "CHiPs"
2147 & 508Detective Michael BurtonTV series "Shades of L.A." 4
2208Chief of Detectives Amy PrentissTV series "Amy Prentiss"
2211Detective Harry CallahanMovie "Dirty Harry"
2230Sergeant Adam BeaudreauxTV series "Street Justice"
2241Jim GooseMovie "Mad Max"
2430Officer Jim ReedTV series "Adam-12"
3146Policewoman Kate MooreMovie "The Enforcer"
3210Officer Ed SantiniTV series "Our Family Honor"
3472Detective Edward GreenTV series "Law and Order" 1
4073Max Rockatansky (MFP)Movie "Mad Max"
4614Lieutenant Alvin JohnsonMovie "Brewster McCloud"
4848Officer Bill GannonTV series "Dragnet" 2
4866Officer Tom PorterTV series "Adam-12"
5369Officer James Aloysius O'MalleyMovie "The Great O'Malley"
5466Officer O'HareMovie "Arsenic and Old Lace"
5618Officer Charles KaneMovie "Madigan"
5702Officer BrooksMovie "The Onion Field"
5712CHP Sergeant Joseph GetraerTV series "CHiPs"
6314Detective Mac RileyTV series "Hawaiian Heat"
6316Detective Sledge HammerTV series "Sledge Hammer"
6483Officer Charles BattlesTV series "Hardball"
6991Officer Ricky WalshMovie "Die Hard: With A Vengeance"
7332Christie LoveTV series "Get Christie Love!"
7691Rookie Cop Gabe MarinoMovie "Trouble Makers"
7813Officer McShanedMovie "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn"
8043Officer Michael LongTV series "Knight Rider"
8712CHP Officer Jon BakerTV series "CHiPs"
9215Detective Phil CerretaTV Series "Law and Order"
9514Officer Elizabeth "Liz" McKayTV series "Our Family Honor"
9735Officer Beauregard LockleyMovie "Report to the Commissioner"
9921Detective Reynaldo 'Rey' CurtisTV Series "Law and Order"
13029Officer John Joseph Vincent MurphyMovie "Fort Apache, the Bronx"
14606NYC Cop Ed LacyMovie "Deadly Hero"
19076Frank SerpicoMovie "Serpico"
19818Dick ForanMovie "Easy Come, Easy Go"
20747Detective Joe LelandMovie "The Detective"
21049Frank SerpicoTV series "Serpico"
26034Officer Victor O'BrienMovie "Where There's Life"
28668 & 688Detective Katy MahoneyTV series "Lady Blue" 4
33131Officer T.J. McCabeTV series "S.W.A.T."
41319Detective Kate BeckettTV series "Castle"
41367Detective James HalloranTV series "Naked City"
54362Officer FalfaMovie "More American Graffiti"
78499Detective Lincoln RhymeMovie "The Bone Collector" 5
84890Mike DankoTV series "The Rookies"
233451Captain Barney MillerTV series "Barney Miller"
415738Terry WebsterTV series "The Rookies"
549321Detective Sergeant Stanley WojehowiczTV series "Barney Miller"
B26354Rick DeckardMovie "Blade Runner"
JTT0331613FBI Agent Dana ScullyTV series "The X-Files"
JTT047101111FBI Agent Fox MulderTV series "The X-Files"

1 Submitted by Tim Balla.
2 Submitted by David Baker.
3 From Crime Fighting heroes of Television by Vincent Terrace.
4 From The Television Crime Fighters Factbook by Vincent Terrace.
5 Submitted by Gene Sutton.
6 Submitted by JerseyCityPD.

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