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Satchmo (Louis) Armstrong
Yogi (Lawrence) Berra
Hoagy (Hoagland Howard) Carmichael
Bing (Harry Lillis) Crosby
Dizzy (Jay Hannah) Dean
Mickey (George Michael) Dolenz
Fats (Antoine) Domino
Duke (Edward Kennedy) Ellington
Pretty Boy (Charles Arthur) Floyd
Red (Clyde Julian) Foley
Whitey (Edward Charles) Ford
Dizzy (John Birks) Gillespie
Goose (Rich) Gossage
Jimi (James Marshall) Hendrix
Buddy (Charles Hardin) Holly
Catfish (Jim) Hunter
Lady Bird (Claudia Alta Taylor) Johnson
Machine Gun (George) Kelly
B B (Riley B) King
Killer Jerry Lee Lewis
Lucky (Charles) Luciano
Jelly Roll (Joseph Ferdinand) Morton
Pee Wee (Harold Henry) Reese
Tex (Woodward Maurice) Ritter
Chi Chi (Juan) Rodgiguez
Babe (George Herman) Ruth
Boz (William Royce) Scaggs
Doc (Carl H.) Severinsen
Red (Richard) Skelton
Casey (Charles Dillon) Stengel
Fats (Thomas Wright) Waller

America's Boy Friend = Charles "Buddy" Rogers
America's Favorite Lovebirds = Charles Farrell and Janet Gaynor
America's Sweetheart = Annie Oakley and Mary Pickford
America's Sweethearts = Nelson Eddy and Jeanette MacDonald
America's Sweetie = Nancy Carroll
Billy The Kid = William H. Bonney (born Henry McCarty)
Body, The = Marie McDonald
Boston Strangler = Albert DeSalvo?
Buffalo Bill = William F. Cody
Candy Man = Ronald Clark O'Bryan
Chairman of the Board, The = Frank Sinatra
Clown Prince of Baseball = Max Patkin
Dr. Death = Dr. Jack Kevorkian
Duke, The = John Wayne (born Marion Michael Morrison)
Father of Country Music = Jimmie Rodgers
Father of Folk Rock = Bob Dylan
Father of Frozen Foods = Clarence Birdseye
Father of Gospel Music = Thomas A. Dorsey
Father of Rock and Roll = Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
Father of Rock and Roll = Bill Haley
Father of Rock and Roll = Buddy Holly
Father of Rock and Roll = Chuck Berry
Father of Rock and Roll = Ike Turner
Father of Rock and Roll Piano = Johnnie Johnson
Father of Science Fiction = Jules Verne
Father of Soul = Ray Charles
Father of the Blues = William C. Handy
First Lady of the Silent Screen, The = Lillian Gish
Galloping Ghost = Red Grange
Georgia Peach, The = Ty Cobb
Girl in the Red Velvet Swing, The = Evelyn Nesbit Thaw
Girl with the Golden Curls, The = Mary Pickford
Great Communicator, The = Ronald Reagan
Greatest, The = Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay)
Hillside Strangler = Angelo Buono
Hollywood Madam = Heidi Fleiss
It Boy, The = Gary Cooper
It Girl, The = Clara Bow
King of Angst, The = Richard Lewis
King of Broadway, The = George M. Cohan
King of Corn, the = Spike Jones
King of Country Music, The = Roy Acuff
King of Rock and Roll = Elvis Presley
King of Swing = Benny Goodman
King of the Blues = B.B. (Blues Boy) King
King of the Cowboys = Roy Rogers
King of the Swashbucklers, The = Ralph Faulkner
King of the 12-String Guitar = Hubbie "Leadbelly" Leadbetter
King of Torts = Melvin Belli
Lady with the Hatchet, The = Carry Nation
Lady with the Lamp, The = Florence Nightingale
Legs, The = Betty Grable
Little Colonel, The = Pee Wee Reese
Little Miss Dynamite = Brenda Lee
Little Miss Poker Face = Helen Wills Moody
Little Miss Sure Shot = Annie Oakley
Little Professor, The = Dom DiMaggio
Long Island Lolita = Amy Fisher
Mayflower Madam, The = Sydney Biddle Barrows
Mr. October = Reggie Jackson
No. 1 Pinup Girl, The = Betty Grable
Ol' Blues Eyes = Frank Sinatra
Oomph Girl, The = Ann Sheridan
Peekaboo Girl, The = Veronica Lake
Queen of Country Music, The = Kitty Wells
Queen of Disco = Donna Summer and Margaret Trudeau
Queen of Folk Music = Joan Baez
Queen of Queens = Cleopatra
Queen of the Screamers = Evelyn Ankers
Queen of Soul Music = Aretha Franklin
Queen of the Blues = Dinah Washington
Queen of the Screamers = Evelyn Ankers
Queen of the Surf = Esther Williams
Queen of the Swashbucklers = Maureen O'Hara
Queen of Technicolor = Maria Montez
Queen of the West = Dale Evans
Son of Sam = David Berkowitz
Sultan of Swat = George Herman "Babe" Ruth
Sweater Girl, The = Lana Turner
Sweetheart of the Foxholes, The = Dorothy Lamour
Threat, The = Lizabeth Scott
Toe, The = Lou Groza
Unabomber = Theodore Kaczynski
Vampire Rapist = John Crutchley
Voice, The = Frank Sinatra

Bugs Bunny = Happy Rabbit
Goofy = Dippy Dawg
Howdy Doody = Elmer
Mickey Mouse = Mortimer Mouse
Tom (of Tom and Jerry) = Jasper

Abbott, William A. (Bud) and Costello, Lou(is Francis)
Bartles, Frank and Jaymes, Ed
Black, S. Duncan and Decker, Alonzo
Borders, Tom and Loius
Burns, George and Allen, Gracie
Dow, Charles Henry - Jones, Edward D.
Flatt, Lester and Scruggs, Earl
Gallo, Ernest and Julio
Henry & Richard Bloch
Hanna, William and Barbera, Joseph
Hewlett, William -Packard, David
Johnson, Robert & Johnson, James
Laurel, Arthur Stanley Jefferson and Hardy, Oliver
Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney
Leopold, Nathan and Loeb, Richard
Lewis, Meriwether and Clark, William
Mars, Forrest & Murries, Bruce
MacGruder, Malcolm and Loud, Jennifer
Martin, Dean and Lewis, Jerry
Mason, Charles -Dixon, Jeremiah
Masters, William and Johnson, Virginia
McDonald, Richard and Maurice
Parker, Bonnie and Barrow, Clyde
Pitney, Arthur and Bowes, Walter
Rolls, Charles - Royce, Frederick Henry
Rowan, Dan and Martin, Dick
Sears, Richard - Roebuck, Alvah Curtis
Shields, Robert and Yarnell, Lorene
Siegfried Fischbacher and Roy Horn
Starsky, Dave and Hutchinson, Ken
Stiller, Jerry and Meara, Anne

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