Appleton, Wisconsin Parks and Places - Alicia Park

Address: 1301 W. Cedar Street, Appleton, Wisconsin.
Established: 1910
History: Alicia park was a gift to the city of Appleton from Alexander Reid in memory of his wife, Alice Conkey Reid. During the 1870's and 1880's Reid was editor of the Appleton Daily Post. He and his beloved Alice, the daughter of Theodore Conkey, an Appleton pioneer, lived on the beautifully wooded 14-acre site on the west end of town overlooking the Fox river.

Alexander was appointed consul to Ireland in 1889 and Alice went with him to Europe. Their time together in Europe was short as Alice became ill and died in Ireland, November 21, 1891. The grief-stricken Alexander brought her body back to Appleton for burial in Riverside Cemetery. Alexander returned briefly to Ireland but the burden of his loss was too great. He resigned his post early in 1892 and returned to Appleton where he spent the next few years in seclusion.

Alexander Reid died on January 18, 1910. In his will, he left the home and 14-acre estate to the city for park purposes with the stipulation that it be named "Alicia" after his wife and that her name and memory be kept alive in a permanent summer foliage display. The original Reid house burned down in 1923.

During the 1920's Alicia park was opened as a camp ground for visitors. A lengthy battle was fought during the summer of 1924 over the use of the park as a public camp ground. The newly reactivated park board questioned the legality of the camp ground, as the park was not being used by local citizens. The camp ground was closed that summer.

Also during the 1920's another portion of the park was turned into a children's zoo, complete with bears and traveling exhibits of smaller animals found in the state.

The memory of Alice Conkey Reid is still kept alive in the park in the flower bed to the left of the main drive where the plants spell out the name of "Alice."

• Acreage: 12.0
• Drinking Water
• Off Street Parking
• Pavilion
• Picnic Area
• Play Ground
• Rest Rooms
Alicia Park. Pavilion.
Path to Cedar St. Alice Memorial.


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