Appleton, Wisconsin Parks and Places - Hearthstone House

Address: 625 W. Prospect Avenue.
Dedicated: September 30, 1882.
History: On September 30, 1882 this Victorian home became the first residence electrified from a centrally located hydro-electric plant. Henry J. Rogers, pioneer industrialist, built and lighted this home as a showplace for his wife. Using the same power source that lighted his paper mill. The original Edison switches and chandeliers remain in use.

The Rogers family lived in the house for only a few years. The house was then occassionally occupied by various tenants until A. W. Priest bought it in 1900. Both Mr. and Mrs. Priest died in 1930 and the estate was unable to sell the large house. In 1931 John Badenoch rented the historic home for use as a restaurant. It was at this point it became the Hearthstone. In 1933, Frank Harriman took over the restaurant and remained in charge until the restaurant closed in 1938. The Priest estate sold the house to Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Hoffmann in 1940.
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Hearthstone (7/16/2001) Hearthstone (7/16/2001)
Hearthstone (Front). Hearthstone (Back and West Side).
Hearhtstone (7/16/2001) Hearthstone (7/16/2001)
HEARTHSTONE Plaque. Hearthstone (East Side and Front).


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