Appleton, Wisconsin Parks and Places - Heckrodt Wetland Reserve

Address: 1305 Plank Road, Menasha, Wisconsin.
Established: 1976
History: In 1976 the Heckrodt family donated 4.9 acres to the City of Menahsa and provided partial funding for the nature center. The nature center features a wetland water system, workshop/meeting room, a classroom, library/reference center, screened porch, gift shop and administrative offices.

The City of Menasha acquired an additional 1.0 acre of land for parking in 1980.

In 1991 an ad hoc committee was appointed to begin development of the reserve. 56.29 more acres of land were acquired and trail development began.

In 1996 the ad hoc committee formed a nonprofit corporation named Heckrodt Wetland Reserve Inc.

The Environmental Learning Station was completed in 1997 which provides a classroom setting for study and experimentation. The Lopas Family Environmental Learning Station, which offers space for public programs in addition to an open-air shelter, was opened in 1998.

The reserve is open for individuals and groups for bird watching and wildlife observation, "silent sports" such as: walking, snowshoeing, photography, canoeing and kayaking.

• Acreage: 62.19
• Cross Country Skiing
• Hiking Trails
• Off Street Parking
• Rest Rooms
• Year Round Shelter
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