Appleton, Wisconsin Parks and Places - 1000 Islands Environmental Center

Address: Dodge Street, Kaukauna, Wisconsin..
Dedicated: 1969
History: The City of Kaukauna created the 1000 Islands Conservancy Zone by setting aside 240 acres of woodland and river area in 1969. In 1976 the 1000 Islands Environmental Center was established adjacent to the Conservancy Zone as part of the City's celebration of the nation's Bicentennial.

There are miles of trails that provide access into the woodland for people of all ages. Some trails follow along established deer paths and others have been developed to provide scenic views of the Fox River, its islands, and its wildlife.

The Environmental Center also provides a temporary home for injured or displaced animals. In the past, creatures as small as the Ruby Throated Hummingbird and as large as the Great Horned Owl have been brought there for temporary shelter.

• Acreage: 240
• Canoeing
• Cross Country Skiing
• Hiking
• Off Street Parking
• Picnic Area
• Scenic Overlook
• Snow-Shoeing
1000 Islands Env. Ctr. (9/10/2001) 1000 Islands Env. Ctr. (9/10/2001)
Picnic area and log cabin. Mini rapids.
1000 Islands Env. Ctr. (9/10/2001) 1000 Islands Env. Ctr. (9/10/2001)
One of the '1000 Islands'. A river runs through it.


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