Hometown Broadcasting Trivia Contest

Annual WISS Radio Trivia Contest
Simulcast on WISS/1090 Cow Country AM and WAUH/102.3 Classic Hits FM
Last Contest! February 12th and 13th, 2005
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The WISS radio trivia contest was started by Steve Handrich.
Steve was the Trivia Master through 1997.
Martin Jury was the WISS Trivia Master from 1998 through 2001.
Andy Disterhaft has been the Trivia Master since 2002.
The WISS trivia contest is still going strong despite several changes in station ownership over the years. The contests in 2000 and 2001 were shortened to 9 daylight hours (8:00 to 5:00) on 1090 AM only. The contest returned to the original 21 hours for the 21st year of the contest in 2002.

The Play

Starting on the Saturday of Trivia weekend questions are broadcast over Berlin Country Station WISS (1090 AM). Questions are asked from the following categories Music, Current Events, Television/Radio, Movies/Hollywood, History, Sports, Cartoons/Comics, General Knowledge, plus a special revolving category each year. Teams have three songs worth of time to call in to the station with their answer(s). Teams are allowed one guess per call-in, and may call as often as they can get through during the time period. The questions are worth 5, 10, 25 and 50 points each. The team with the highest point total at the end of the contest is declared the winner. Cash prizes of $100, $75, $50, $25 go to the top four teams. In the event of a tie in the four money places tie breaker question(s) will be asked to determine the winners.

Past WISS/Berlin Trivia Contest Champions
YearNo.Revolving CategoryWINNER!
19821stNoneKeystone Kops
1983 2ndSoap OperasTrivia Newton-John
1984 3rdOlympicsKeystone Kops
1985 4thCartoons/ComicsKeystone Kops
1986 5thDisastersWoodpeckers
1987 6thWisconsinFlying Zupan Brothers
1988 7thTransportationObi Wan Knokes
1989 8thListening/Audio QuestionsObi Wan Knokes
1990 9th80's decade (1980-1989)Obi Wan Knokes
1991 10thAmerican Military ConflictsTrivia Newton-John
1992 11thExpress YourselfLazarus
1993 12thReligionsWuz Is Us and Company
1994 13thBig BusinessRural Rec's
1995 14thAcronymsBerry's Birthday Bash II 1
1996 15thDouble Jeopardy (old questions)Berrys are Back in Town 1
1997 16thGamesBrain Busters
1998 17thToysBerry Bushman and Friends 1
1998 Postgame Press Release.
1999 18thHolidaysGood Night Irene
2000 2 19thCatsGood Night Irene (Full Standings)
2001 2 20thElectionsUsual Suspects (Full Standings)
200221stWISS TriviaHappy Hour Crew (Full Standings)
2003 22ndMajor World CitiesGood Night Irene (Full Standings)
2004 23rdFoodDenny the Gipper 1 (Full Standings)
2005 3 24thWorld LeadersObi-Wan Knokes 1 (Full Standings)
1 Indicates I was a member of this team.
2 Contests in these years were shortened to 9 hours on Saturday over 1090 AM only.
3 Contest broadcast on 102.3 FM only.

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