Great Midwest Trivia Contest 2001 ("Trivia Weekend")

Final Scores for Off-Campus Teams

  1. Snow Bank of Kaukauna Plowing You Under: 1315 (1st place)
  2. Lucky Guess Highlighting the Naughty Bits at the Library: 1200 (2nd place)
  3. Electile Dysfunction: 1155 (3rd place)
  4. Jabberwocky: 1130
  5. Skull Squadron: 1130
  6. Temptation Iowan Sprint PCS: 1120
  7. Six Feet Under: 1040
  8. The ever so insightful insidious grannies taking control of the international space station to construct a dangerous death-ray of death for the expressed purpose of overthrowing the U.S. Government and seizing power so as to enact a new regime of Morning meals based solely on waffle based breakfast cereal complimented by the edible items from Joe-To Go, Mary's Place, Fazoli's and Victoria's: 1015
  9. I’ll Hug Your Elephant if You Kiss My: 945
  10. Fox River Brewery: 870
  11. Inter-Office Memorandum: 840
  12. New Digs: 810
  13. Too Much Trivia in the Pants: 770
  14. Smarter than the average BUSH: 590
  15. The Chunky Monkey Butts: 580
  16. Armadillo Appreciation Society: 580
  17. That Question Was Confusing, I’m Afraid I Voted for Buchanan, We Demand a Recount: 525
  18. Nudge: 500
  19. 7-Up & Dr. Pepper of Oshkosh adopted Jerry’s Kids: 460
  20. Buzz Monkeys: 460
  21. JD’s on John Street: 460
  22. Appleton Area JC’s, sponsored by Tom’s Drive-ins, Papa Murphy’s, WFRV Channel 5, Mary’s Restaurants, Cousin’s Subs, and the WI JC’s: 455
  23. 24 Inches of Charmanders from UW-Whitewater: 450
  24. Akbar and Jeff’s Trivia Hut: 440
  25. Fluffy Pagan Baby Bunnies: 410
  26. Dyslexic Navigators: 410
  27. 2001: A Trivial Odyssey: 380
  28. Trivia Ergo Sum: 355
  29. Hitter’s Sports Bar Battling the Trivia Masters: 335
  30. Sponsored by Dr. Jeckyll’s: 335
  31. Mr. Ed’s Bar: 310
  32. The Knights Who Say, "Elbow!": 310
  33. John Doe: 265
  34. Larry’s Piggly Wiggly: 255
  35. Things that Go Bump in the Night: The Next Generation: 255
  36. Jesus Loves Us but Hates Rachel, sponsored by Steve’s Old Friends Corporation: 250
  37. Ghandi from Hell: 240
  38. Hello Toast: 200
  39. M.T. Pockets Want a Recount: 190
  40. Kaukauna Pizza Hut: 185
  41. Kaukauna Subway: 170
  42. Flaming Snot: 155
  43. The Renegade Off-Campus Yuai: 140
  44. Lonesome Dove: 140
  45. Gank: 140
  46. Palpitating Sternum Machine: 135
  47. Stomped Carp: 130
  48. Recount Chocula: 130
  49. Giant Fiber: 125
  50. Selfish Date-Changing Orchestra Wienies: 125
  51. New Hope Whale Watch: 120
  52. Green Eggs and Spam: 115
  53. The Grover Cleveland Memorial Society: 115
  54. Moonie and Toadie Play Trivia: 110
  55. Those Little Blue Balls of Lint that Get in Your Anal Hair: 110
  56. Fat Lazy Gurus: 105
  57. The Pub in Kaukauna: 100
  58. Scrotum Cake: 0 (Lost all points for cheating during Garrudas)

Final Scores for On-Campus Teams

  1. Der Uber Team, sponsored by KFC, Domino’s Pizza, Cousin’s Subs, The Pasty Koop, Paradise Island Ice Cream, Ryan Young’s Male Escort Service He’s Got What You Want, Barnes & Noble, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Megan’s Dad Ed Kern, Foxley’s, Dr. Jeckyll’s, and the Aubri Adkins Foundation: 1288
  2. The Phantastical and Mythical Adventures of Kohler and Trever in Steve's Pants, sponsored by Adler Brau, Appleton Electronic Distributors, Café Molly, Champagne Charlie’s, Conkey’s, Erbert’s and Gerbert’s, Fazoli’s of Menasha, Frank’s Pizza Palace, Freedom Mini-Mart, Hardee’s (Calumet), Manderfield’s Bakery, Massage Connection, Megan Brown for LUCC President, Jacob’s Meat Market, Jo to Go, Olly’s Ovens/Sam’s Subs, Orange Julius/Karmel Korn, Oriental Food Mart, Pizza Hut (College Avenue), Rickard Masters Illustration, Sammy’s Pizza, and Taste of Thai, with Special Thanks to Kohler Hall Council, Food Services, and the Memorial Union: 1131
  3. How Snorlax Got His Groove Back, sponsored by John from the Grand Chute Moto-Mart, the College Avenue Brat Guys, Steve and Lindi, and the Underground Coffee House: 1050
  4. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, sponsored by the Fire Fly Lounge and Papa John’s: 910
  5. The Freaky, Freaks Livin’ it up in Ormsby (Colman, Brokaw, and Ormsby): 789
  6. The Committee for the Liberation for the Integration of Terrifying Organisms and their Rehabilitation into Society (C.L.I.T.O.R.I.S.): 760
  7. Bucky's Banastitudinal Bagel-Bearing Brothel of Bounteous Bouncy Boxer-Briefs & Brimming Blue Balloons, sponsored by The Perfect Gift, Eldorado’s, Freezing Hippie Design, The Sensual Daydreams Cast of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, The Graphics Factory, C.J. Martin Chiropractic, Colwell Law Office, Tri-Star Games, and Grandma D’s Dehydrator: 756
  8. Snorlax Strikes Back: 115