Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest

WLFM Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin

The Champions - Tens

Results for 2010, 45th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia XLV Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. The Lawrence Undead: Alumni with Nothing Else to Do (1171 points).
2. Karen Carr Presents Bucky's Banastitudinal Bicorn...(1108 points).
3. Super Mega Soviet Gang Bang Dream Team Baskytbol...(1032 points).

Off Campus
1. Food Bank of Kaukauna: Put your buns in our hands. (1325 points).
2. Trivia Pirates Argh! (1320 points).
3. Six Feet Under (1190 points.)
Dates: January 29th-31th, 2010.
GrandMaster: Drew Baumgartner.
# of Questions: 326.
Slogan: Semper Efficax.
Super Garruda:
Q: "On the plaque for the 'Walt Haag Memorial Broken Propeller Award', who is listed as the recipient for 2002?"
A: "Not Me."
* Contest available via web cast only.

Results for 2011, 46th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia XLVI Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Morgan Freeman's Plus Plantz's Pecorous Pastures Propose Presenting Persnickety Penguins with Ponchos (1,148 points).
2. Soviet's Dream of Gangbang and Go America All Over Everybody's Asses (1,096 points).
3. Butter Our Bread with Butter (1,078 points).

Off Campus
1. Trivia Pirates Argh!!! (1275 points).
2. Trivialeaks (1,260 points).
3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The Superbad Iowans in Revolt (1,155 points).
Dates: January 28th-30th, 2011.
GrandMaster: Derrell Acon.
# of Questions: 376.
Slogan: Temet Nosce Cebro.
Super Garruda:
Q: "What was the log entry on September 29, 1961, at 2 p.m. PST in the Alamo Airways daily log at McCarran International Airport?"
A: "Drunks called back. Left their pants in the apache. Said for me to take care of them."
* Contest available via web cast only.

Results for 2012, 47th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia XLVII Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. The Soviet Baskyetbol Team Presents Komrad Bucky's Gangbang Masterclass Endorsed by the Banastitudinal Karen Carr (1,261 points)
2. Morgan Freeman Plus Plantz's Pacifist Plurality of Parasitic Paisley Paleontological Parliamentary Pirate Ponies with Pistachio-Wielding Peppermint Prairie Pug Pancreases and Particularly the Pusillanimous Primate Pusculio (1,186 points)
3. AA: The Cupola Size of the Nipple of Knowledge (1,085 points)

Off Campus
1. Iowans Who Want to Recall Trivia #nerdweasel (1410 points)
2. Nobody Expects the Spanish Inquisition (1,295 points)
3. Trivia Pirates ARGH! (1,224 points)
Dates: January 27th-29th, 2012.
GrandMaster: Jake Fisher.
# of Questions: 365.
Slogan: Descendo in is Sanctus Phasmatis Compotatio.
Super Garruda:
Q: In a comment card that was later pictured on a fence privacy screen outside the MoMA in NYC in the summer 2011, what does visitor Tonée from Chicago state that they wanted to do when they viewed a Van Gogh exhibit at MoMA on March 28 and why didn't they act on these impulses?"
A: He wanted to "take a big bite out of Van Gogh's work" and "lick it", but he didn't because he "wouldn't sully his fine work or disgrace your wonderful museum."
* Contest available via web cast at

Results for 2013, 48th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia XLVIII Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Shrek Out-Of-Ten: This Isn't Orge Yet (1275 points)
2. Karen Carr Presents, Bastitudianal Soviet Baskyetbol Team of Bucky's Bizarro Group Therapy Session (1220 points)
3. D.C. 20 Will Save Featuring Shazbot (1085 points)

Off Campus
1. Binders Full of "Winning" (1145 points)
2. Hobgoblin of Little Mind (1135 points)
3. Too Much Trivia in the Pants (1090 points)
Dates: January 25th-27th, 2013.
GrandMaster: Ethan Landes.
# of Questions: 405
Super Garruda:
Q: "Within a sculpture by Mike Sullivan, the creator of 'The Sex Life of Robots,' there is a building called 'Kino Ironhole.' What is carved into the pavement to the left of the word 'lulu'?"
A: "Big Unit Jizzbot?."
* Contest only available via web cast at

Results for 2014, 49th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia XLIX Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Shrek Out of Ten 2: The Shrekoning (1,398 points)
2. Bucky?s Banastitudinal Buggery Brigade (1,232 points)
3. David and the Bells Decisively and Terminally Bash Discordant Academic Teams by Dominantly Activating Technical Backstabbing, Dosing Amphetamines Triply, Breathing Deeply, and Trying Best (1,207 points)

Off Campus
1. Twerking for Trivia (1300 points)
2. Twerking Red Headed Iowans Violating Innocent Appletonians (1255 points)
3. Hobgoblin of Little Minds (1205 points)
Dates: January 24th-26th, 2014.
GrandMaster: Addy Goldberg.
# of Questions: 416.
Slogan: Nemo e nobis Patrini vidit.
Super Garruda:
Q: "In the final resting place of Copernicus there are pillars with graffiti scratched into them. One of these pillars has graffiti that reads 'EM is cool' and 'DW is ok.' What does the only music-genre related graffiti on that pillar say?"
* Contest only available via web cast at

Results for 2015, 50th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia L Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Bucky’s Brood of Burgeoning Butt Brigadiers’ Bizarre Belligerants Bird-Bondage-Base Burlesque Bonanza (1374 points).
2. Shrek/10 3: We Bought a Sherk (1347 points).
3. Taking the Hobbits to #Octopunks is not Death (1141.5 points).

Off Campus
1. Hobgoblin of Little Minds (1236 points)
2. 50 Shades of Trivia (1225 points)
3. Je suis Iowans (1217 points)
Dates: January 23rd-25th, 2015.
GrandMaster: Weronika Gajowniczek.
# of Questions: 408.
Slogan: Num dictum quod certamini quinquadeno volumus?
Super Garruda:
Q: "Near property previously owned by Rockwell Lime Company is a manhole built in 1921 with an 8 inch diameter pipe leading 226 feet downstream. What is the manhole label and what is written on the manhole cover?"
A: “15-47”, “Richard’s Iron Works”.

Results for 2016, 51st Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia LI Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. David and the Bucky's Battallion Diabolically Antagonizing Tortured Brood-Makers, Basically Building Batteries, Bungee Jumping Blindfolded, Bizarrely Bludgeoning Bells, and Definitely Ascending toward Brilliance By Dastardly Battling Together (1315 points).
2. Michael Hubbard (1101 points).
3. Nipples of Knowledge: The Matriarchy: Ormsbae Trivia Team (The experience, TM) (1075 points).

Off Campus
1. A Foolish Consistency is the Hobgoblin of Little Minds (1220 points).
2. Tie. Pugnugget (1205 points).
2. Tie. Corn Wars: The Iowans Awaken (1205 points).
3. Holy Broman Space Team Presents: 2016: A Honda Oddessey (1110 points).
Dates: January 29th-31st, 2016.
GrandMaster: Jon Hanrahan.
# of Questions: 357 +25 Hidden Canisters.
Slogan: Salve senator: Sum fututum clavile
Super Garruda:
Q: "In 1964, a band pretended to play Beatles songs at a battle of the bands called the Letterman Show. What is written in the top right corner of the page that features the band in a KWSS DJ's copy of the lead singer’s 1965 high school yearbook?"
A: "Earwigs Rule."
Notes: Trivia Pirates....Argh! team answered the Super Garruda for 200 points!

Results for 2017, 52nd Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia LII Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Team Drinking in the Lounge, Officially Recognized as Quizball, with a special performance by J.C. Smith and the Sunshine Band debuting their new single “All Walk and No Talk” featuring the musical stylings of Marky Mark, David Bell, and Lin-Manuel Miranda; Don’t Injure Thine Leg, Diligently Inquiring Thoughtful Lagrangian, Definitely Investigating Typical Lynxes, Death Invites the Living, Darkness Infiltrating Trembling Light, Forever Haunted by the Ghost of David and the Bells (1284 points).

2. Homemaker, Wife and mother to 3 beautiful children. I love to plan, budget and decorate. My goal is to be my best and a great testimony for (construction worker turned academic turned central banker. opinions here are my own, not pete willis said nor said reserved system) (1153 points).

3. Cult of the Pink Shoes (1110 points).

Off Campus
1. Holy Broman Literary Society Presents: Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand J** (1376 points).

2. The Cailloutastrophe: Her p***y bald like Caillou, Swag-Swag like Caillou, I’m good, (buddy) how you?, Go way back like Caillou, Hat back like Caillou, I dont match like Caillou, My weed young like Caillou, Go dumb like Caillou, I’m PBS like Caillou, DTF like Caillou, My d*** fresh like Caillou, She get wet like Caillou, The realest in it like Caillou, I dig in it like Caillou, Bad bee, go suck d***, Need 30 minutes like Caillou, I’m up early like Caillou, She get dirty like Caillou, She ain’t worthy, I’m Caillou, I’m nerdy like Caillou, I’m young as hell like Caillou, Don’t fail like Caillou, I go for it like Caillou, F*** Dora, Caillou (1358 points).

3. Hobgoblins of Little Minds (1313 points).
Dates: January 27th-29th, 2017.
HeadMaster:  Ridley Tankersley.
# of Questions: 360
Slogan: Dominus Dimmadomi Urbis Dimmi
Super Garruda:
Q: A number of Lawrentians have taken trips to China to study sustainability. In the third city visited on their 2015 trip, there is a bar on the tenth floor of a building near the intersection of Minquan Road and Fushui North Road. In the fifth issue of a ‘zine they distributed last July, which features a pink robot on the cover, what artist is shown on page eight?
A: Dickid.

Results for 2018, 53rd Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia LIII Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. The Cult of the Pink Shoe with 1170 points – Their prize was a troll doll, signed by all the Trivia Masters

2. WLFM: It’s Our Station So We Win with 1027 points

3. Trivia Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Nips, The Nipples of Knowledge Return with 980 points

Off Campus
1. The Holy Broman Lonestar Republic Presents: Cardboard Davy Crocket Remembers the Alamo with 1305 points – Their prize was a cardboard bra made by team 2, signed by all the Trivia Masters.

2. Get A Load Of That Sandwich (Get A Load Of It!) Get A Load Of That Sandwich (That Sandwich!) Look At That Sandwich (Look At It!) Get A Load Of That Sandwich (Get A Load Of It!) Look At That Sandwich (Look At It!) Woo! (Woohoo!) Woo! (Yeah!) Woo! (Woohoohoo!) with 1285 points

3. Caillouigi with 1185 points

Dates: January 26th-28th, 2018.
HeadMaster:  Jenny Hanrahan.
# of Questions: 329
Slogan: Responsum ultimae quaestionis: Pedicate fascismo et FUTUE Yuri
Super Garruda:
Q: In the Tanzanian city whose name is an anagram for “A Salad Smear” There is an intersection of two roads near the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco. One road shares the first name with the former Supreme Chief of the Gogo and a the other road is named for a Tanzanian Sultan whoses skull’s return is discussed in the 1919 Treaty of Versailles. On the wall in front of the intersection there are three large legibly scrawled words in English, what are they?
A: “The Jungle, Bob”.