Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest

WLFM 91.1 FM in Appleton, Wisconsin

The History

The Midwest Trivia Contest was founded in 1966 by James B. DeRosset as an alternative for those trivial minded students not invited to the encampment where special students and professors got tuned in with nature, read Thoreau, and thought bright thoughts. The encampment has long since ended while Trivia continues. The first two contests were strickly for on-campus teams, the third contest was opened up so that off-campus teams could compete in their own category. Since then each year has produced an on-campus and an off-campus winner. Billed as "The World's Longest Running Trivia Contest", (because of using the last question of the previous year as the first question of the next year) it has been around longer than the Super Bowl. Lawrence trivia has been written about in Playboy, USA Today, American Airlines' in-flight magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and most of the newspapers in Wisconsin. The 1984 Trivia Master John Landis appeared on ABC's "Good Morning America" (remember the Skylab?). Lawrence is known to trivia buffs for two reasons: it is the second coeducational college in the nation, and it has produced more presidents of Harvard University than any other school except Harvard.
(*Background information taken from an article by Lee Salawitch, in the January 25th, 1985 Lawrentian)