Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest

Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin

The Champions - Eighties

Results for 1980, 15th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 15 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Hordes from the North (2,120 points.)
2. Indira Gandhi's Deli Sub Pub (1,925 points.)
3. Syzygy (1,910 points.)

Off Campus
1. Forever In Search of Trivia (FIST) (2,165 points.)
2. Upper Echelon (2,150 points.)
3. Happy Cadaver (1,850 points.)
Dates: February 1, 2, 3, 1980
GrandMaster: Greg Weber
Questions: 395

Results for 1981, 16th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 16 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Happy Joe's Syzygy (1,625 points)
2. Cousin's Inter Office Memorandum (1,570 points)
3. Garfield's Revenge (1,300 points)

Off Campus
1. Upper Echelon (1,480 points)
2. F.I.S.T. (Forever In Search of Trivia - 1,460 points))
3. Gopher Baroque (1,430 points)
Dates: January 30, 31, 32, 1981
GrandMaster: Pat Short and Karen Lutz
Slogan: in principle erat verbum et trivias erat verbum
Super Garruda:
Q: "What was the name of the musical group from Sheboygan Wisconsin that was on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1968?"
A: "The Decappa Five"

Results for 1982, 17th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
No Trivia Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. 14th Street Bridge Club (1,810 points)
2. Happy Joe's Syzygy (1,705 points)
3. Air Potomac (1,630 points)

Off Campus
1. Toys in the Attic (1,735 points)
2. Camellia Chips (1,655 points)
3. Fox Off (1,480 points)
Dates: January 22, 23, 24, 1982
GrandMasters: Mike Mol and Liz Read
Slogan: veni trivium et emitte WLFM lucia tuae radium
Super Garruda:
Q: "Who are the two people on either side of Margaret Thatcher in her high school graduation photo?"
A: "Barbara Bools and Kathleen Howard"

Results for 1983, 18th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
No Trivia Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Sammy's Pizza Network (1,505 points)
2. Little Caesar's 10th...(1,235 points)
3. Good Company Puka Puka People (1,175 points)

Off Campus
1. Cardboard Castle (1,965 points)
2. Open the Trunk, Rik (1,880 points)
3. Infomaniacs (1,780 points)
Dates: January 21, 22, 23, 1983
GrandMaster: Jeff Pines and Kurt Schwarzkopf
Slogan: post trivium omne animas triste
Super Garruda:
Q: "On May 1, 1976, WLFM moved its studios from the Music-Drama Center to the Seely G. Mudd
Library. What was the first music played over WLFM at its new location?"
A: "Schubert Symphony No.9, The Great C Major"
Notes: Listeners were invited to submit scripts for trivia related skits.

Results for 1984, 19th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 19 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. El Salvador Deli Sub Pub (1,375 points)
2. Armadillo Appreciation Society (1,115 points)
3. Debbie Does Penguin City (1,115 points)
4. Sammy's Syzygy (1,115 points)

Off Campus
1. AIDS for Lutherns (1,720 points)
2. Ignorance is Strength (1,705 points)
3. Sky Parlour (1,595 points)
Dates: January 27, 28, 29, 1984
GrandMaster: John Landis
Slogan: armadillo ingens spectat te
# of Questions: 421
Super Garruda:
Q: "During WWII, the Wimbledon Lawn and Tennis Club was used as a military base. In August 1940, two
pigs were brought to Wimbledon for the troops to eat. These were the first pigs to be brought to the base.
What were the two pigs' names, and what was the name of the man who slaughtered them?"
A: "Pigs Joey and Jenny were butchered by Mister Higgins"
Notes: John Landis was interviewed by Barbara Walters on "Good Morning America.
"It's been another one." - Pope Pontious Page the one-quarterth

Results for 1985, 20th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 20 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Melvin Belli Dehli Sub Pub (1,925 points)
2. Burger Kind All Weekend (1,920 points)
3. Phi Tau Forever (1,560 points)

Off Campus
1. As Obnoxious as Ever (2,075 points)
2. Infomaniacs (2,020 points)
3. Ignorance is Strength (2,005 points)
4. Nobody's Sweetheart (1,940 points)
Dates: January 25, 26, 27, 1985
GrandMasters: Tom Hambleton and Dan Macke
Slogan: semper trivias
Super Garruda:
Q: "The Price Is Right hosted by Bob Barker, had a Special Dream Christmas Showcase in which
viewers wrote in their guesses of the value of the merchandise. On December 14, 1984, the winner
was announced. Who won the showcase, what was the guess, and how far off was it?"
A: "John Belk won the showcase by guessing the precise value, $71,785.35"
Notes: Guest question #327 was asked via phone line by Dan Somerfield a DJ at WDAE radio
1250 Tampa, Florida. Dan asked "What was Steve McGarrett's middle name?" Answer "Aloysius"

Results for 1986, 21st Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 21 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Earl of Sandwich Factory (2,265 points)
2. Trevorites Eat Sammy's Pizza (1,655 points)
3. Armadillo Appreciation Society (1,060 points)

Off Campus
1. Schunk (2,185 points)
2. Ignorance is Strength (2,180)
3. Gag Reflex (2,105 points)
Dates: January 31, 32, 33, 1986
GrandMaster: ?
# of Questions: 413
Slogan: istimirant trivia
Super Garruda:
Q: "What film made its Nicaraguan debut at Cine Altamira in Managua on Friday, December 13, 1985,
and where were the tickets sold?"
A: "The movie was Latino and the tickets were sold at La Casa Fernando Gordillo"

Results for 1987, 22nd Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 22 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Barbara StriSandwich Factory (1,265 points)
2. Houdini's Hallucinating Hams (1,175 points)
3. Frank's Crustacian Palace (1,030 points)

Off Campus
1. Good Company Turned Bad (2,245 points)
2. The Big Lie (2,095 points)
3. Salt 3 (1,845 points)
Dates: January 30, 31 & 32, 1987
GrandMaster: Bob Pope and Andrew Sackett
# of Questions: 426
Slogan: quid me purturbari
Super Garruda:
Q: "Name the three judges of the first Miss United States contest and where was it held?"
A: "Held at Rehoboth Beach, Delaware in 1880. Judges: Thomas Alva Edison, Monsieur Banwart
and Judge Harrington of the Delaware Supreme Court." (the winner was Myrtle Meriwether)
Notes: The trivia t-shirt (caricature of Richard Warch) was designed by Alex Gramling.
The contest this year included a photo ID section.
The pictures were posted by the entrance of Shooting Star Photo (on West College Ave. at the time.)

Results for 1988, 23rd Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 23 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Armadillo Appreciation Society (1,100 points)
2. Coleman and Godzilla Eat Dominoes (865 points)
3. Yuai Communal Banastitude (775 points)

Off Campus
1. Uncle Tom's Toaster (1,600 points)
2. FBI Agents Make Good Company (1,485)
3. The Cult (1,190 points)
Dates: January 29, 30, 31, 1988
GrandMasters: Bob Pope, David Larkin, Steve Siegel, and Cynthia Gibas
Slogan: trivia est solida tamqvam saxvm
# of Questions: 415
Super Garruda:
Q: "Chet Krause of Krause Pulications Inc. owns a 1938 REO firetruck. Affixed to the right side
of the vehicle is a ladder that was donated to the community in which the fire truck operated.
1: Who donated the ladder, 2: On what date was it donated, 3: To what community was it donated?"
A: "August Erber, donated the ladder August 6, 1931, to the village of Iola"

Results for 1989, 24th Annual Great Midwest Trivia Contest
Trivia 24 Logo Top Teams:
On Campus
1. Pizza Hut Trivia to go (885 points)
2. Armadillo Appreciation Society (765 points)
3. Sammy's and Coleman Dammit (750 points)

Off Campus
1. Kinder Gentler Good Company (1,345 points)
2. Zen Morons (1,295 points)
3. Fake Rolex (1,160 points)
Dates: January 27, 28, 29, 1989
GrandMasters: Steve Siegel and Cynthia Gibas
Slogan: triviam edant
# of Questions: 438
Super Garruda:
Q: "What is the title of Brown University's two-millionth library book?"
A: "Lectures on the Function of the Main Food-Digesting Glands"